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Genealogy, Family, Blogs & Social Networks

This is the page you're looking at right now — just a portal and vanity website. The pictures on the banner are all of me — two photos years apart, a self-portrait, and a hybrid coin. The font is one I designed myself.

My mother's family, from Finland. Gädda is prnounced Yed-a, and spelled with an umlat over the first ä, but the list name is just gadda. This list is at rootsweb, and intended for genealogy. I've resigned as list admin (too much spam), but still belong, even though it never gets any mail (and the spam just keeps on coming).

My father's family, from France via Acadia, Canada. There are several variant spellings, one of which I usually use, Lorion. This list is at rootsweb, and intended for genealogy. Way more active than the Gadda RootsWeb list, this one gets about one message per year. There is one other RootsWeb list I used to manage and still belong to, for Brault, my paternal grandmother's family, but no messages there concerned any branch near to mine.

For current descendents of either family, to keep in touch with each other and pass around any family news and photos. This one actually gets used, though not enough. About three times per year.

Although I don't run this site, this Laurion (also Lorillon, Lorion, Larion, Dorion) family website is excellent one, maintained in both French and English by a branch of the family in France.

The "notes" section of my FaceBook profile, which has several blog-type entries and original poems.

This is a blog I set up for myself when they first started getting popular, but I posted two essays on it ("War," 7/2004; and "The REAL Ten Commandments," 7/2005) and a couple shorter observations, but otherwise mostly forgot about it.

This is another blog I set up for myself back when. I posted one essay on it ("Blame It On The Gays", 9/2004) and that was it.

This is my profile on the FaceBook social networking site. As of 2011, I probably use it more than any of the following social or blogging sites listed here. The bio here is also the most detailed one I have anywhere on the Internet.

eons for Boomers
Eons was originally intended as a social networking site for Baby Boomers, but it has people of all ages now. I'm not active in it beyond as occasional post to the Science Fiction group.

I signed up for MySpace to reserve my spot, but except for filling out the profile, I've never used it. It's just there for if I ever want it.


A Brother up in Maine started this back in 1999, and I took it over about '04 when he entered the Grand line. I've enlarged it considerably since then, and now this website is huge, and probably my best.

Not a Yahoo group, this is the subscription list for the newsletter of the Masonic Poets Society (MPS or MPoets for short) at Google Groups. It's supposed to be heptaweekly (once every 7 weeks), but often misses.

OMRI, Online Masonic Research Institute, is a site I cooked up to make some of my notes about older magazines available on the web, then branched out to listing and reviewing forums and maillists.

This is probably my favorite Masonic forum. It rates a link here because I'm one of the "faculty," elsewhere known as moderators. This link goes to my particular part of the forum, the Festive Board, with subdivisions of Poetry, Jokes, and Riddles.

Pseudoku is a word game I invented based on sudoku. This link goes to the site, but specifically asks for the category "Masonic."

This is the Masonic Fun page, which serves as a portal for my Pseudoku and Square And Compasses comic pages, as well as several other fun goodies I've cooked up.

This group is intended for discussions of topics of interest to New Mexico Masons and affiliated bodies. I'm just the moderator, not the owner, but he mostly lets me take care of it. About one a month.

This is one I put together for my home Masonic Lodge. It doesn't get updated nearly often enough.

This is an Order of the Eastern Star chapter my wife belongs to. It was composed when she was Worthy Matron for the chapter in 2006, and hasn't been changed since.

All Others

Funny pictures and cartoons of dogs and other animals, except cats. About one a day.

Jokes and photos mostly relating to airplanes, but occasionally military, police, or rescue workers as well. About 1 a month.

Gender jokes; jokes women make about men, and men make about women. About one a month.

Jokes and Stories by and about Blind or Deaf people (NOT necessarily Politically Correct!) My wife is visually handicapped, and I'm nearly deaf, which is why I share these. Primarily funny, though occasional news items of interest; text only, pictures or sound file not allowed. About 1 a month. Mostly I contribute to Crip Humor (see below), which covers mobility and mental handicaps as well as those of the senses.

Jokes and occasional cartoons about blonds (or other ethnic groups). These are offered in good humor, and steer clear of the more offensive ones. About 1 a month.

Funny photos and cartoons about cats. About one or two a day.

Cartoons, comic strips, and funny pictures on the theme of computers. About two a month.

Not one I actually run, but one I'm a heavy contributor to. Jokes and toons by and for the Severely Euphemized. One or two per day.

Cryptic crossword puzzles. Discussions of clues, and a rare entire puzzle. Fewer than one a month.

Originally started by someone else, I re-founded this group in '06. It's my busiest mailling list. Mostly funny pictures. "Fantastic Forwards are for all those fantastic thing you run across that you just have to share with someone!" Roughly 3-4 messages per day.

Food Humor, mostly Vegetarian, just because they're funniest. No "fat" jokes unless food is an essential part of it. Occasional cartoons. About one a month.

GNP doesn't just stand for Gross National Product. Mostly gay jokes, but I found most of the people I knew who were interested in gay jokes also had an interest in Wicca, or vice versa, so the rare Pagan joke I find is thrown in here, too. About one a month.

Geographic Humor; these are often lists like "You might be from Seattle if..." or "How to tell a California driver". About one a month.

This is just a catch-all list for any odd joke that I find exceptionally funny, but doesn't fit in one of the categories I have lists for. Less than one a month.

Library humor; mostly stuff that is directed to librarians and booksellers, but most bibliophiles and teachers will feel at home here. One every 2 or 3 weeks.

This started out as a state Lions Club page, but when it was superceeded, I changed it to a cover for an Easter Egg hunting ground. I haven't updated it in a long time.

Church Humor. Most are suitable for sermon fodder, but often irreverent. About one a month.

This is a comic strip that I composed from 2004 to 2008, and may restart some day. I did 985 strips before I burned out - so close to 1000!

Humor on the theme of music, including song parodies, jokes, and occasional cartoons. About one a month.

Another list I inherited from someone else. A forum for New Mexico's Geocachers to communicate. About two a month.

My poetry circle, to share my original poems with my friends. Less than one a month.

Just text, this is a companion list to Cat Pics and Animal Pics, for people who like animal jokes but not the higher volume of the picture lists. About one a month.

This is one I have no real connection to, but it's run by my daughter. It's her home business, selling potty training and bed wetting supplies.

Pseudoku is a word game I invented based on sudoku.

This is my home Lions Club page. It only gets updated once a year.

As the picture suggests, pro-evolution jokes and cartoons predominate, with those on innumeracy close behind. About two a month.

Another one where I'm not the moderator, but I am a heavy contributor. Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork. In spurts, but averages 5-10 per month.

This is one of many lists run by Stan Kegel. I contribute a story every so often. A Shaggy Dog Story is a long drawn-out anecdote that either ends in a horrendous pun, or an anti-climax that's so excessively anticlimactic that it's practically an anti-anti-climax. The picture on this banner is of a shaggy dog, and of course, shaggy dogs always have a long tail to tell.

This is another comic strip that I composed mostly from 2007 to 2008, and this one I do intend to continue eventually, though I only added a couple in 2010. It's currently in the late 20s. This was intended for an exclusively Masonic audience, but this link is to the archives of it at a public comics site. They're also all at the Cerrillos Lodge website.

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